7 Tips to Prepare Your House For Sale

February 18, 2021

Watch this video:   7 Tips to Prepare Your House to Sell

7 Tips to Sell Your House FAST

Are you trying to sell your house?  I want to give you 7 tips for selling your house that will make a huge difference!  

And I have a free guide with a wealth of information for you that will help you get your house ready to sell toward the end of this short video.  

I want to help you have the best real estate experience. 

Today, I want to share 7 tips for selling your house that might take a little time and money, but will pay off BIG TIME!!

Tip number 1: Open Up Your Space  

Home Buyers like to see rooms that are clean and spacious.  If you have a small cluttered room – which describes most rooms in my house – pack up some knick-knacks and take out a chair or table. 

I have found that Rubbermaid storage bins are awesome for placing my treasures in them and stacking them.  Makes me look neat and organized!!

Tip 2: Fresh Paint! 

Get a neutral color, like a light gray, and paint. My clients always notice the walls and comment on them.  Some good, some bad, but it is typically always good when they see and smell fresh paint.  

Tip 3:  Your Curb Appeal – Stage the Front Porch

  • Mow the yard
  • Trim the bushes
  • Pull the weeds
  • Rake or crunch the leaves.  My husband loves to get his mower out and crunch leaves.  We have a large yard with several trees. When he mows the leaves, it cleans up the yard and makes the house stand out.
  • Pick up the kids’ toys

Trust me, if your outside looks messy, people are going to drive on by.

Tip 4:  Clear Cluttered Rooms

Do you have an “everything room” or a “junk room” or some of you might call it an office or a sewing room???

Clients want to see what the room CAN BE.  

Clean it up – you may need some Rubbermaid bins – store your stuff – and add some furniture to show exactly what the room is for or what it CAN BE.

Maybe when you were taking out a chair that cluttered one room, you could place it in this room with a rug, a table, and a bookcase.  Voila, a reading room.

Tip 5: Put in New Flooring

If your budget allows, put in  new flooring.  It does wonders, especially if you have pets or just old worn carpet.  

If your budget does not allow, have the carpets cleaned and mop the floors.  If possible, you might put in an allowance for carpet on the listing contract.  This could go a long way in getting your house sold.

Tip 6:  Scrub and Clean the House – Top to Bottom

So maybe you cannot afford to do all the things you would like to help sell your house.  One thing you can do is make the old look new again with a good scrubbing.  Clean the house from top to bottom.  Make sure your mirrors are clean, your faucets shine, your floor boards aren’t hoarding any cob webs or dust bunnies, and your tubs, sinks, and toilets are ring-free. 

Make it smell good, too.

A clean house is a well-cared for house, and buyers want to move into a clean home. 

Tip 7:  Take Care of Maintenance Issues

Take care of  those maintenance issues that you have been putting off.  Maybe you need to get your plumber in for that leaky pipe.  Maybe you have a gutter that needs to fixed because it washes out the dirt around the foundation.

Anything that might show up on an inspection needs some attention.

You know the types of things I am talking about…  Go around the house and look for anything that you can fix and fix it. 

Like I said, these tips may take some time and a little money, but they will help your house sell faster and for a better purchase price.

A cheap way to get these things completed is to do it yourself, put the kids to work, buy pizza and have a party, pay a neighborhood kid…

If you live in the Springfield, MO, area, let me know, and I can recommend some names for cleaners, plumbers, roofers, painters, etc.  

It will be money and time well spent.  

If you would like more great info on getting your house ready to sell, click the link below.

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